4th Ed D&D In London

In the aftermath of the battle the adventurers were faced with a dilemma. A single hobgoblin slaver had survived and there now remained the question of what to do with him.

“I say we take him to the Seven Pillared Hall and sell him to a rival gang of slavers.” spoke the Drow, Waylander. “There will be a certain irony therein, would you not agree?.”

Theron stepped forward. “As a Good Person I must vote against promoting the slave trade.”

“And as a Good Person you would rather kill him?” replied Waylander.

“That, of course, would be perfectly acceptable.” agreed the wizard, to nods from others in the group.

“I do so admire human morality,” mused the Drow, “Its so… flexible.”

“Lets us not get into a debate on morality,” advised Elwanen, “For such discussions have as their reference points abstract concepts with no actual meaning in the real world in which we live, and they most often do not end well, if at all.”

A decision was made finally that all found more or less agreeable. The captive should be left tied up in the thoroughfare with a note attached which identified him as a member of the Blood Reavers gang, and from that point on fate should take it’s own course.

The Halfling who they had saved from torture and slavery at the hands of the hobgoblins introduced himself as Rendle Halfmoon, part-owner and proprietor of the Halfmoon Inn, in the Seven Pillared Hall. Grateful for the parties intervention he offered to guide them there.

The Seven Pillared Hall

7 Pillared Hall

“Welcome to The Seven Pillared Hall!” announced Rendle Halfmoon, gesturing into the cavernous space ahead of them. “Here the surface world and the underdark meet in peaceful and mutually profitable trade, mostly. If you’d like to look around you’ll find all manner of wonders and spectacles you’d never see back in Fallcrest.”

The adventurers followed their new companion through the flickering torchlight of the cavern. In the immense space they passed stalls with traders hawking mining supplies, shops that advertised quality adventuring goods, and a few mysterious buildings that did not attempt to identify themselves openly.

“That there is the Duergar trading office. They’re a surly bunch for sure. And that building belongs to the Drow.” The Halfling indicated a small structure that had been built from stones into a cave beside the main cavern. Waylander stopped and looked keenly into the cave. To the others he appeared to stare into the darkness, but to his eyes markings and symbols revealed themselves that identified this building as one of significance to him.

“I have some business that I must attend to. I’ll meet you at the inn.” said the Drow, before vanishing into the shadows.

The hospitality of the Halfmoon Inn was such that the adventurers were welcomed with food and a place to sleep. Grateful for the return of her brother, Era Halfmoon, a generally business-like Halfling, had endeavoured to repay the group, if only for the short term, and taking care to point out that drinks would be extra.



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