4th Ed D&D In London

Against the Bloodreavers


Team Halfling lead the charge into the corridor, With Theron and Marianna providing support. Elwanen piled into a goblin sentry, and there was a brief but fierce battle to secure the entrance to the Blood Reavers lair.

Meanwhile Waylander and Fau, entering via a side door, found themselves looking down on a guard room where several goblins and a bugbear were preparing for battle. Before the large hairy goblinoid had finished putting on his armour the two strikers had brought him down in a hail of arrows and eldritch blasts.

Of the two remaining goblins, one found that it had no choice but to charge up the stairs, whereupon the warlock teleported into the room behind the confused goblin, before Waylander kicked it back down the stairs. The hapless goblin crashed in a pile a Sabbat Fau’s feet, and just managed to open it’s eyes in time to be blasted at point blank with arcane force.

The other goblin however had seen fit to run from the room, out into the passage where Team Halfling were finishing off the other guards and make for a doorway nearby, shouting ‘INTRUDERS! INTRUDERS!”

Marianna sprang forwards and raced after the goblin, catching it just as it reached the door. With an acrobatic flip she flung it tumbling back the way it had come into the middle of the melee.

Moments later the adventurers, having dispatched the last of the guards, were ready to proceed. The door that the goblin had tried to open revealed a small room where two sturdy armoured figures sat by a roaring fire. A wave of heat eminated from the chamber, and as the two squat looking soldiers stood up it could be seen by their swarthy skin, ugly faces, and heavy dwarven armour that they were Duergar. Beyond the two Duergar soldiers was a narrow corridor along which stood several solid looking wooden doors.




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