4th Ed D&D In London

Arriving In Winterhaven

Guards! Guards!

Winterhaven is a small village at the far end of the King's Road from Fallcrest. A sturdy wall protects the outside of the settlement, and visible over the top of it is Wraftons Inn, the Winterhaven Manor House and Valthruns Tower.

Two guards stood at the gate, impassively watching at the donkey pulled the trade cart up the hill. Des stepped forwards to talk to them, and after a short discussion the gates were opened and the party allowed in.

Wraftons Inn was revealed right in front of them, and Salvana Wrafton emerged from the front door, beaming. "Welcome to Winterhaven!" she called. "Is that the trade caravan you've brought? Fantastic! I'll have it brought in, please, come in and get a drink. I'm sure you're tired after a long journey."

Aran tried a local speciality ("It's made with cherries, well, mostly cherries!") and a mixture of ale and wine was poured, and Salvana got the news of the kobold attack. She seemed to know something about it, and recommended the group speak to Lord Parrag, the town's leader. Cass also asked after her brother, but Salvana didn't recognise the description.

Over the course of the afternoon, the party discussed all that brought them to Winterhaven, including the Keep ("Rumoured to be haunted! Vampires and ghosts and all sorts!"), the kobolds ("They're a real problem, but we don't have the manpower here to deal with it"), Douven Staul ("Oh, I remember him. He followed Eilian's map and hasn't been seen since") and the possibility of a cult ("There are no cults in Winterhaven, I'm sure of that").

A few minutes walk brought Des to Valthruns Tower and Valthrun downstairs to add his knowledge. He also denied any suggestion of cult activity, spoke a little about The Winterhaven Keep and it's history, and agreed that Douven Staul seemed a nice fellow.

Eilian turned out to be an old farmer sitting in the corner, and once Douven's name was mentioned he lit up a little, saying he could draw everyone a map of where he'd gone. There was some suggestion that this map may have been less than accurate, but any map is better than none and the party agreed to head out and look for Douven soon.

Finally, the party headed through another short interlude with some more guards before being shown in to see Lord Parrag in the Manor House, with weapons peacebonded.



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