4th Ed D&D In London

Gore Tsunami...

"After having negotiated extensively, the heroes decided that negotiations should break down." commented Des, as the party looted the now blood-stained goblin guardrooms. The finger painting on the wall now depicted three goblins playing cards under a tsunami wave of fresh gore.

"Look!" exclaimed the halfling ranger, "Magical items!". Aran had found an assortment of implements and some bags of coins. The adventurers decided who should get what and left the room.

Outside in the passageway Fangorn was taking a rest from his labours. "I've nearly finished, just one last spike.."

"Nevermind, Fangorn," interrupted Elwanen, "We'll be needing to use that door now."

Fangorn calmly began removing the spikes. Heaving and ho-ing he prised each one out.

"I'll take those for later." said Theron reaching for the bundle. "Now are we absolubtely certain we wish to proceed at this point?" asked Des, "(Far be it for me to quench the fires of bloodlust that I sense smouldering amongst you all at this moment)"

"I say we kick down the next door, slaughter all the remaining goblins, and then rest." suggested Elwanen.

"Agreed." agreed Sabbat Fau. The rest of the party came to an agreement. "On three… one… two… three!"



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