4th Ed D&D In London

Into The Keep...

If there had been anyone watching they would have seen a party of adventurers emerge from the woods; a spritely young halfling ranger, an eladrin paladin, a tiefling cleric, a warlock, and a tree creature that walked and talked and went under the name of Fangorn.

It would seem as if they walked casually across the field towards the ominous ruin of the keep, chatting amongst themselves as they took in the bracing air of the early spring. Then it would have appeared that they entered the ruin, descending a dark flight of stone stairs.

At that point however, they _were _seen, by a guard as it happens. The goblin had been on edge all night, with strict orders to look out for intruders, and the memory of ‘what happened to the last guard’ fresh in his mind should he not be vigilant enough.

It came as some surprise then to the wary goblin when a large group of ‘intruders’ came strolling into the first chamber of the keep full of chitter-chat and banter, apparently heedless of his presence. He thought he best signal for backup while he found out what they wanted.

“You there!” grunted the goblin “State your business!”

The adventurers seemed startled, and peering into the dim light the halfling stepped forward.

“We err… we have the mirror that Balgrom wanted, yes thats right, we have the mirror he asked for. The gnome asked us to deliver it, he couldn’t make it, you see.. he had to go and see the dentist, emergency and all that!”

“Mirror? Show me the mirror!” demended the guard.

“Show him the mirror.” the halfing said waving at the warlock, who didnt seem to be paying attention.

Looking around himself suddenly, the warlock stepped forward. He produced a flat bundle from his pack.

“Mirror.” He muttered, laying the bundle on the ground.

“Show me, open the bag!” commanded the goblin guard, who was certain he was being watched by his superiors and was bucking for a promotion.

The warlock, looked over his shoulder at the halfling, who looked at the paladin, who looked at the cleric, who looked at the tree creature, who looked back at the Warlock.

Shrugging, the warlock opened the bag and produced a book.

“Book.” stated the warlock.

“I knew it!” cried the goblin, certain of his impending promotion, “Intruders! Intruders!”

“Well, whats the next part of the plan?” the eladrin asked Aran.

“I think this is the bit where we kill the goblins.” answered the halfling, darting behind a pillar.

There was a flurry of activity, goblins had readied themselves in passageways leading into the chamber and now emerged, some with bows, some with swords. The adventurers sprang into action…



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