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Into the Wild

Kobold Ambush (Part 2)

The group heads off into the woods to see if they can locate Douven Staul, the missing explorer, last seen following a map from Eilian in search of a lost Dragon Tomb.

The party have been travelling for about an hour or so when Aran pauses, eyes scanning the undergrowth ahead. His fears are realised as several kobolds emerge from hiding and charge towards him – they are carrying the same dragonscale shields as the other group and look like competent warriors. Aran is wounded a couple of times by their fierce attacks. In addition, a spear wielding kobold begins to circle around the edge of the woods as a fifth kobold comes into view, wearing a bone mask shaped like a dragon's skull.

The party leaps to their friend's defence, with Elwanen fey stepping forwards to engage. He is quickly surrounded by a dragonshield and the spear fighter, finding it hard to concentrate on both at the same time. Cass and Rangrim are engaged in a tough battle against the other two dragonshields, as Aran breaks free and makes for the Wyrmpriest. The priest invigorates his colleagues, driving them to greater heights of fury, before directing a ball of flame into his enemies. He also engages Aran in close combat, breathing fire over him which the halfling is fortunate to dodge.

Although Elwanen is briefly brought to his knees, the company prevails and the kobolds are slain. Aran guts the priest and dumps his body to the ground, before finding an obsidian necklace on the body. Scratched into the base of a smal statuette is the symbol of Orcus – Demon Prince of the Undead. This lends credence to the rumours of cult activity.

Taking a moment to refresh themselves, the party loot the other bodies before piling the corpses at one side of the road.


So far the main thing i have found from being at point is that i am target number one when the nasties first attack, hopefully Aran’s new utility will help him here but i think he might want to invest in some better armour as at present he is very squishy. I am loving the Second Chance ability and will have to think up more imaginative ways as to what happens. The story of the intercepting roast duck will no doubt make it into the next episode of Arans Tavern Tales.

Into the Wild

Roast duck for the win!

I hope the Utility is going to match up to your combat style a bit more, but frankly, if you insist in going on point you’re going to get ambushed more than the rest.

Which is not to say you won’t also get some chances to ambush other things, too.

Into the Wild

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