4th Ed D&D In London

Lord Krand

The adventurers fought their way into the Duergar guardroom, but they proved hard to kill. As the melee was in progress voices could be heard from further down the corridor. A Hobgoblin Warcaster stepped through one of the doors at the end of the narrow passageway, took one look at the battle ahead of him and called for his commander.

“Lord Krand! We are under attack!”

The Warcaster thumped his staff on the stone floor and a blast of energy came roaring down the corridor. One by one the adventurers ducked and dived but some were thrown back as it caught them. Flanked by a Hobgoblin archer the Warcaster took up a defensive position using the turn at the end of the corridor for cover.

The party saw that to get to him they would have to brave the length of the passage whilst under fire from both the archer and the arcanist. At that point another figure stepped out of a side door halfway down the passage. A heavily armoured hobgoblin warrior, whose badges and weapons indicated that he was of high rank.

The warlock Sabbat Fau and Marianna found themselves caught in the corridor with the guardroom at one end and the Hobgoblins at the other, while the rest of the adventurers worked on dispatching the sturdy Duergar. There was an exchange of blows and eldritch blasts as both sides lashed out at each other.

With the last Duergar eventually hacked to pieces, Aran and Elwanen raced down the corridor to deal with the Hobgoblin leader. Elwanen teleported behind Lord Krand and, flanking with Aran, hacked him down.

As the remaining Hobgoblin were quickly slaughtered, the adventurers became aware of the sound of loud merry-making from beyond a nearby doorway. It sounded as if there were many more creatures in revelry, possibly Hobgoblins too.



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