4th Ed D&D In London

One For The Road...

”...And I couldnt help myself, I simply had to toss it back! Well the wolf was grateful and the grocer’s wife was none the wiser!” finished the halfling. This time the laughter was subdued as the farmers and the fishmonger fidgeted with their tankards and pipes.

“Oh well, had any strange dreams lately?” chirped the halfling. One farmer looked at the other, who in turn looked at the fishmonger.

“I’d better be getting back or the bairn will wake the dogs.” said the first.

“It’s time I turned in too, I must be up early to milk the goat.” agreed the next. “If it will yield at all I shall be lucky.”

“I’d better be checking on the wife, she’ll be worried sick on a night like this.” confirmed the fishmonger wringing his hands.

“Well then, I suppose goodnight it is!” chimed the halfling as the inn began to empty.



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