4th Ed D&D In London

The Battle With Irontooth

In Which A Paladin Learns About Unconsciousness

Teamwork was the key to victory! That, at least, was the plan.

The party decided to head in through the northern most entrance to the kobold lair, to the left of the waterfall. However, revelling in his own stealth, Aran volunteered to attack seperately through the waterfall as the other caused a diversion.

Pouring in through the entrance, the party (supported by Des acting as rear-guard) fell upon three kobolds. Two were quickly eliminated but the third proved to be of stronger stuff, ducking around the thrust of Elwanen's attack and shouting for aid.

Aran was shocked to find 10 kobolds waiting for him as he burst through the waterfall, and he quickly abandoned the 'diversion' plan and join the main group through a side opening, chased by fearsome kobolds who quickly started to attack the party from both sides. Theron again showed remarkable bravery, moving in close to use Thunderwave to his best advantage and blast kobolds back agains the walls of the cave. The small humanoids were falling back when a loud horn sounded further into the cave system.

The horn marked the arrival of Irontooth – a fearsome goblin who was clearly the leader of the marauders. His face was covered in a skeletal ram's head tatoo, and he clutched a battleaxe in both hands, his mouth pulled back in a snarl. Charging into Rangrim and Elwanen, he struck quickly, his axe biting into the fine Eladrin armour of his opponent.

Joining him from the south were two more of the ever-present Dragonshields flanking a kobold priest. The priest stepped out of the shadows and threw a ball of fire at Rangrim, as he was also charged by the Dragonshields. Overcome by the sheer numbers of foes pressing upon him, the proud Dwarf was sent crashing, bleeding, to the floor(1).

Des stepped forwards and cast a healing prayer, restoring Rangrim to consciousness. As Theron continued his magical assault on the kobolds still surrounding them, and Aran ran through to tackle the kobold priest, Elwanen and Rangrim (taking a second to catch his breath) started to duel the mean-faced goblin. Their weapons, and the conviction of their holy purpose, began to bite into him, blood pooling on the floor.

Aran engaged the priest directly, and at close quarters the expertise of the halfling overcame the priests power, Aran's blade finding his throat. Immediately, he turned back towards the others, in time to see Irontooth launch into a frenzied series of attacks against his foes! However, the luck of the gods was truly on the side of the Paladin pair, and they blocked, ducked and avoided every one.

As the other kobolds fell to spell, sword and prayer, it became clear to Irontooth that the battle was lost. Entering a battle frenzy, he strove to bring his opponents down, but with a final strike his guts spilled across the floor as he was defeated.

(1) Note: First time any character in the campaign had gone under 0hp!


I am sure i remember Elwanen getting knocked down by the fish oil coffin traps in the first combat encounter the party had, but i might be wrong. I think we did very well in that fight, the shield wall held very well and prevented us from getting swarmed. Was an enjoyable encounter but from what you have mentioned i gather things could have gone very differant had Irontooth connected his blows.

The Battle With Irontooth


I got nailed in the first sesssion by not paying attention….

This session showed off the new combat paradigm very well indeed.

The Battle With Irontooth

Yes, it’s true, the dubious distinction of being the first player to become incapacitated in the campaign belongs to me. Irontooth was a tough cookie, despite getting four attacks in one round and missing with all of them!

The Battle With Irontooth

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