4th Ed D&D In London

The Chamber of Eyes

Chamber of Eyes

Once the group were once more assembled they began making preparations to make for the Chamber of Eyes, the location of the Blood Reavers slavers. Waylander recounted what he had learned from the one-eyed Drow at the trading post he had recently visited, on related business he assured.

“You asked a one-eyed man about the Chamber of Eyes?” asked Theron.

“Very insensitive, I feel.” agreed Marianna. Waylander appeared nonchalant.

At length the adventures passed through a series of hallways that lead away from the activity of the Seven Pillared Hall, eventually arriving at a large doorway adorned with iconography of the dark god Torog, lord of the underdark. Below that could be seen the stylised image of a beholder.

The adventurers listened closely at the doors, to hear the sound of conversation, most likely in Goblin. Quickly a plan was reached. A balcony nearby led to another door, which suggested that it might provide another way into the Blood Reavers lair. A 2-pronged attack was agreed upon, Team Halfling, which for now would honourarily include Elwanen, Theron and Marianna, would enter via the main doors. Team Striker, consisting of Waylander and the warlock Sabbat Fau, would climb the balcony and enter via the side door, to attempt a flanking manouver, should geography favour them. Elwanen climbed the short staircase that led to the main doors. There came a voice from the other side.

“Who’s there? What do you want?”

“Justice, motherf—cker!” yelled the paladin, and, with a mighty heave, Elwanen threw himself against the stone doors, which instantly shattered into tiny pieces of masonary. Beyond lay a corridor in which waited a group of goblin guards, who seemed very surprised at the abrupt entrance of a group of heavily armed adventurers.

“W..What business do you bring to the Blood Reavers?” the boldest among them inquired. There was a brief pause as the adventurers looked questioningly amongst themselves.

“Oh…” realised the goblin sentry, “INTRUDERS!”



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