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The Dragon Tomb

In Which The Party Meets a Gnome In a Pit

Aran is again taking point guard as the party come across the area of their search – the Dragon Tomb.

It's somewhat of a disappointment – merely a large pit in the ground surrounded by rough rocks and some more trees. In the pit four human workers are sifting through bones, watched over by a Gnome and two guard drakes. Aran, after a little scouting, also spots another halfling lurking in the boulders around the pit's edge.

As the Gnome sees them, he introduces himself as Agrid and invites them to come down and see what he's uncovered. The party are suspicious, particularly Elwanen, but Des attempts a diplomatch exchange. However, as he makes his way around the pit to get a better view and Elwanen heads down into it, the trap is sprung and Agrid fires a crossbow bolt at the Tiefling Cleric, causing him to hit the deck in a hurry!

Aran and the other halfling begin a duel of weapons – Aran's bow against the Halflings lightning quick slingshot. Fortunately, Aran prevails.

In the pit, the sheer strength and power of Cass, Rangrim and Elwanen is too much for the human mob, with Elwanen slamming one into the walls of the pit with a [i]Thunderwave[/i]. Despite some Gnomish trickery with a moment of invisibility, Cass beats Agrid unconscious and captures him.

Des, meanwhile, has made his way across the pit to find a figure concealed under a blanket. Casting back the blanket he finds Douven Staul, alive, but tied and gagged. Des heals him of his injuries and unties him.

Grateful to the party for rescuing him, Douven explains that he had started to work on the remains of the Tomb when he was approached by Agrid and the Halfing (his name is never discovered, sadly). The two quickly coerced him into continuing, saying that if he didn't do what they said they'd simply cut off a hand or so to keep him quiet. Scared and afraid, Douven managed to help until a few days ago when the mirror was uncovered.

This was greeted with great joy by Agrid – apprently his superior had expected something of this nature to be found here. Agrid had decided to spend just a few days more to see if any other treasures could be located, but none were forthcoming. Today was to be the last day of digging – the group were then to return to the Keep with the mirror and Douven.

Douven begs to be taken back to Winterhaven and safety before the party make any approaches to the kobold lair, and as thanks for his rescue he gives them the Amulet that Agrid had been wearing. Explaining that he just needed it for a moment, he withdrew a small picture of a woman, saying "This is my wife." He then handed over the Amulet to the group, confirming that this was a magical amulet that would provide protection against poison.

The group agree to return to Winterhaven with their captive in tow.


Note: At the end of this session, I was happy to be able to say that all characters now have 1095 XP and as such, are SECOND LEVEL! Congratulations!


Aran got a taste of his own medicine when the halfling slinger made him reroll a critical hit, funny to realize that both halflings had the same idea, to stay on the cliff top and harrass those below. They kind of neutralised each other in that combat. Not sure how we are planning to do the treasure deviding but Aran would definately be interested in that amulet, poison resistance might come in very handy when it comes to disarming traps.

The Dragon Tomb

I’m leaving decisions of the division of treasure up to the players! :) In some cases I’m anticipating that it’ll be pretty obvious who should get an item, but sometimes (like with this amulet) it’s a bit more up for grabs.

The Dragon Tomb

Party Loot from the last encounter:

70gp (each I think?)

A statuette with a mark of the demon prince of the undead, Orcus, stamped on it’s base.

An ancient mirror of the fallen Nerath empire. It is believed to be related to some sort of ‘sealing’ ritual, at least according to our arcanists.

An “Amulet of Health” that grants +1 to Fortitude, Reflex and Will saves, as well as 5 poison resistance.

Woohoo! Rangrim makes no claim to any of it, satisfied as he is with his magic hammer, which is, in his own words, “Mighty smitey!”

The Dragon Tomb

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