4th Ed D&D In London

The Mausoleum

First Encounter

Arriving at the Shadowhaunt Mausoleum, the group fan out and search around the outside first of all, seeking clues as to the location of the two young boys believed to be held inside.

Aran Thule finds some small tracks leading up to the door, suggesting two heavier figures and one lighter.

The Mausoleum doors are heavy, but have been recently opened and the adventurers nervously head inside, wary of stories of haunted spirits. They see a rectangular room with three scarcoughagi on each side, all closed. Above each one, a statue rests on a small niche. The statues on the left are clearly representative of Pelor, God of the Sun, with those on the right being representative of Bahamut, father of Dragons. In the centre of the room, a large obelisk rises, writing in Common along it's side detailing the triumphant history of the Kaius Dynasty.

In the far right hand corner, one statue has been dislodged and lies on it's side on the ground.  

Cass seeks to lever the lid off one scarcouphagus, to the mild dismay of Des, but finds only a skeleton dressed in rusting chainmail. The skeleton is left undisturbed and the lid replaced. The group are baffled – how did three people come into this room with no other visible exits, yet leave without a trace of where they went?

Some more careful examination leads to a further clue – there are strange scuff marks and a slight draught coming from one side of the obelisk – signs of a secret door! However, the group still have no idea how to open it.

Whilst they puzzle this out, their attention is suddenly drawn to the far end of the room. A ghostly figure rises up through the floor. It is dressed in shabby robes that seem to fade away at the sides, drifting in an unfelt breeze. His face is indistinct beneath a cowl, and he bears no clear markings of any kind. He points towards Elwanen and intones in a rasping voice:

"Interlopers beware. If you trespass you shall not recognise the wisdom of my words. From entry sinister, the way becomes clear when the son follows the sire." He then falls silent.

Searching their knowledge and pooling their resources, the party crack the riddle:

* "From entry sinister" refers to a heraldric custom, and means the left hand side.
* "The son" could also be "the Sun" meaning Pelor, God of the Sun.
* "The Sire" could refer to Bahamut, sometimes called the Sire of all Dragonkind.

The party elect to move some of the statues around, eventually settling on a system of Bahamut / Pelor all round the edge of the room, starting with the statue nearest the door on the left hand side. The spirit seems pleased by this action, and as the final statue is placed one side of the obelisk grinds open slowly, revealing a flight of stairs leading down into darkness. The spirit sinks into the floor, and the party gather around the newly-revealed entrance, wondering what lies beneath. 



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