4th Ed D&D In London

The Most Basic Rule of Warfare, Part 2

The adventurers assembled at a large wooden door deep within the dark halls of the keep. Having returned from Winterhaven they were laden with provisions and potions, and each bore a souvenir of the gratitude of the good folk of the town in the form of a stinking hangover.

“Nice of them to remove all the torches,” mumbled Fau the warlock gloomily, his goblin sidekick, Splug, cowering bravely behind him.

“I can’t see a thing, hardly!” chirped Aran the Halfling rogue, who seemed to be holding up rather well. “I nearly fell down that well!”

“Well you see my friends, it’s like this…” began Des the Tiefling orator. “It wouldn’t have been prudent to walk directly under the light of Theron’s cantrips on account of it giving away our exact location [had there been anyone observing us [which there was not [as it so happened]]].”

“Well here we are, our delving nearly at it’s end. Time to put an end to this evil once and for all!” declared Fangorn the tree-creature simply.

Aran examined the door. It was old, as old as the keep itself perhaps, and there was a keyhole. Peering through he saw that the key was in the lock.

Theron the wizard stepped forward, threw back his finely coiffured locks with a flick of his head, and gesticulated a pincer-like grasp, followed by a slow turn of the wrist. The adventurers heard the key turn in the lock.

As Elwanen, the Eladrin paladin, strode towards the door and raised his right boot, Des suddenly threw up his hands in a pacifying gesture. “Gentlemen, gentlemen, [and, of course lady], now we are [as i’m sure has not escaped your attention] slightly the worse for wear, but it would be nonetheless remiss of me if I were not to point out that now is exactly the kind of time that we should formulate a plan. Some of you may indeed be aware that [while I am not a warrior myself by inclination] I hail from a long tradition of martial adepts, and it was commonly said amongst them [during the all too infrequent moments of reflection] that one must heed the rules of warfare if one intends to survive. Now, you may [or may not] see where I am heading with this…”

“Is this another discussion about tactics?” asked Elwanen wearily, lowering his right boot.

“Indeed it is,” confirmed Des, “Or [at least I should say] it has the potential to be.”

Fangorn offered his thoughts on the matter, “Well I propose that we form two attack groups, each comprised of defenders shielding the strikers.”

“They’ll be doing that thing with their shields again, so we should split them up wherever possible,” added Elwanen.

“Concentrate your fire on the most injured,” mumbled Fau.

“Yes, even injured they’re still nasty, get rid of ‘em quickly!” agreed Aran cheerily.

“Now that’s what I like to see!” congratulated Des, “We’re really looking like a team now. And if I may add to this fine list of stratagems with one of my own: Don’t forget the most basic, the most crucial, the one single, absolubtely fundamental rule of warfare…”

Des was interrupted by a loud crash, as Elwanen’s right boot kicked the door in.



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