4th Ed D&D In London

Undead Bottleneck

"Stay Put, Bony!"

As the skeletons surged forwards, racing down the narrow corridor to engage Des in combat, he and Theron used a remarkable piece of teamwork to slow them down.

Firstly, Theron called upon the power of the magical orb that he carries to cast Icy Terrain. The rock froze and became icy, with fingers of frost creeping up the legs of the on-running undead creatures. Several collapsed with a horrible click of bone on rock, unable to keep their footing. Des was forced to back up as one skeleton reached him and swung it's sword, pushing him back, but then he raised his Holy Symbol and a shining light emanated from it. The skeletons were burned in the radiance, and several of those that were prone on the floor were pushed back into the room from which they'd come, their bones smouldering.

Seeing his minions scattered, the Elf on the platform mustered his second forces. Two sharp taps on a particular sigil in the magical circle seemed to have no effect for a second, until Cass, Aran Thule and Rangrim began to hear the grinding of stone on stone coming from the room behind the demon door. Two of the large guardian statues that had been staring down at the captive boys began to move, their heads turning towards the door.

Cass didn't wait for them to arrive – she smashed the lock with a blow from her greataxe before kicking it open and waiting for the statue to arrive. Rangrim ran into to block the other statue, his warhammer and shield gleaming oddly by the light of the magic circle. It's thick stone arms took up a fighting pose as it attempted to club him to the ground, but he caught the blow on his shield and avoided being ground under it's heels.

Elwanen took advantage of the skeleton's dispersal. Seeing through to the Elf on the platform, he disappeared – only to reappear (as if he had only taken a step) alongside the villainous foe. Drawing on his own Eladrin heritage, he gestured and attempted to knock the Elf off the platform with a spell. However, the magic circle again absorbed the energy, rendering it harmless. The Elf sneered and struck back, trying to suck the life out his racial cousin and transfer his vitality across. The circle around them both glowed greater as he utilised it's powers.

Cass had not been doing quite so well against the statues. As it crashed forwards, it struck at her with one huge fist and clubbed her to the ground. As she fell, it quickly raised a heavy foot to stamp down on her, and only her quick reflexes allowed her to roll out of the way and to her feet, dodging another bunch as she did so.

However, whilst the statue concentrated on her it lost track of Aran. The halfling, small even for his race, was able to duck forwards, spin beneath another fist and strike hard with his shortswords. Finding tiny cracks in it's exterior, Aran damaged it severely. It spun again, confused between these two capable warriors. Over it's shoulder it could sense it's brother statue trading blows with Rangrim, with neither being able to gain much advantage.

Cass got back to her feet and focussed her mind, bringing up memories of chopping timber in the tavern's back yard. It didn't always matter if you hit hard, so long as you hit in the right place…She wound up a subtle strike, the greataxe taking a chunk out of the shoulder of the statue, and then brought the axe high above her head, slamming into it brutally. A fine network of cracks appeared in the statues right arm and across it's chest, and Aran drove his own swords home again in response.

The skeletons had regrouped, but the careful wiles of Theron and Des meant that they had no chance of success. Theron used a series of Thunderwaves to push the skeletons back, with Des backing him with further blasts of radiant energy. Taking a risk, Des ran forwards, dodging a wild swing from a skeleton warrior, and made his way to the platform where the Elf and the Eladrin were exchanging blows. Although Elwanen seemed to be winning, Des fired off another burst of radiant energy, leaving the villain reeling and close to death. Elwanen, sensing weakness, took advantage of the guiding light that Des' prayer had left – dimming the magic circle – and drove his weapon home. The Elf gasped, struggled with his footing for a second and then took a long, slow step backwards…

...off the platform.



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