4th Ed D&D In London


The Elf Takes The Fall

As the blade slid home, the evil Elf that had set these events in motion fell backwards, out of the protection of his magical circle. As he fell he saw around the room that his skeleton warriors lay in pieces, destroyed by Theron's repearted Thunderwaves and Magic Missiles. As he hit the floor, his last thought was that he hadn't even managed to kill the two boys…

With the Elf dead, the last skeleton was quickly dispatched, clearing the room. However, the statues were still proving a problem. The Elfs malevolent spirit had been driving them forwards, and Cass, Rangrim and Aran Thule had found them a true handful. Suddenly, though, that spirit was gone – and the statues grew sluggish. Aran was able to attack them from behind, almost running up their backs to stab true with his shortswords. Rangrim's warhammer crunched home, Cass's axe slammed into them and in short order the two statues were reduced to nothing more than rubble.

The magic circle's that had gleamed in both rooms started to fade, and the terrified boys were finally able to make themselves heard over the sound of battle.

"Thank you! Thank you! But be careful – when that elf put us in here, he said that if we left the circle the room would come crashing down on us!"
This marks the end of the first full session of the campaign.


That was great, Matt. Very entertaining! I don’t think you left anything important out. The highlight for me was Elanwen using his fey step power to engage the elf necromancer(?). Shazam!

Reading this, it seems clear that all the classes worked the way they were supposed to – Aran the rogue/ranger darted about, barely got touched (except by that nasty fire trap), and dealt some very timely blows. Theron the wizard and Des the cleric kept the skeletons under control with careful spell usage. The tanks were able to hold their own against the statues (which must have had about 90 hitpoints each!), allowing Aran to get some combat advantage and sneak attacks.

All in all, my first 4E combat experience was a very positive one!


A very enjoyable evening and gameplay seem to run smoothly, combat is more party friendly, everyone got involved and was an asset to the group. The statues i think give us a hint of what we might be facing, with foes like that no wonder they need heroes such as us!


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