4th Ed D&D In London

Zombies! Thousands of Them!

From THREE directions?

Returning to the outside of Sir Creegan’s tomb, Elwanen suggested that a rest be taken in the safe environment of the shrine to Bahamut. A consensus was quickly agreed, and with a watch pattern established the time passed quickly.

However, during the rest period, several members of the group complained of Bad Dreams...

Once all were rested and recovered, the group returned to the maze of corridors with the runes on the floor. Theron had previously confirmed that the runes were some sort of arcane trap. Carefully navigating over the first of the runes via a plank of wood and some cautious balancing, they moved down a short corridor to an intersection. There were exits to the west and south.

Straining his ears as he scouted ahead, Aran could hear a low moaning in the distance. Direction was difficult, however.

“Zombies…” he called out behind him. Taking the initiative, he hurled torches down both passageways, trying to expand the field of vision. However, this did not exactly have the required effect!

Slowly shuffling into view down the end of the south corridor were two vile creatures. Human-looking, their flesh oozed and dripped from them, and even at this distance Aran got a whiff of their stink. They were followed by several more zombies, and all began to shuffle towards the halfling and Cass, who had met up with the party a few minutes before. Turning to call a further warning, Aran realised that the moaning and shuffling he could hear didn’t just come from down the south corridor – but down the west, and more worryingly the north corridor as well! The party were surrounded on all sides.

Standing behind the zombies from the west was a human figure dressed in armour. His face was tatooed with a ram’s skull, and Elwanen instantly recognised the markings as signifying that he was an Underpriest of Orcus. Snarling, the Underpriest called out “Forward, my minions! Kill them, kill them all!”

Battle was swiftly joined.



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