Cass Breenan

A greataxe-wielding fighter whose twin brother disappeared some months ago.


Human Fighter 1


Cass was born and brought up in Fallcrest, the daughter of the local barkeep and his wife, and twin sister to Jon. Jon, clever, quick and charming, is the younger of the two by a few minutes. While Cass’s talents lie in her strength and determination, Jon has always been good at sneaking about, getting into places he’s not supposed to, and charming his way out of sticky situations.

Jon has been missing for four months.

Cass’s parents seem to have the attitude that Jon is a young man of seventeen and has taken off to find his fortune, but Cass’s instincts say otherwise: he might well disappear without talking to his parents, but not without telling Cass what he was up to. He didn’t tell her a thing, just disappeared in the dead of night, in midwinter, and has not been seen or heard of since.

Since then, Cass has been trying to gather funds to search for her brother – desperately, but with little success. She’ll do almost anything that will make her the money she needs to help her find him. Unless and until she hears word of her brother, or finds some other lead, she can’t think of much else to do.

In the meantime, she’s going to be as positive as she damn well can.

Cass Breenan

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