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  • Magic Armour

    [[Chainmail of Fili Stonehelm]]
    [[Torturers Armour]]
    [[Blackiron Armour]]
    [[Robe Of Contingency]]
    [[Battle Harness]]

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  • Torturers Armour

    This armour was taken from the body of a Hobgoblin Torturer in the Goblin infested areas of the [[Winterhaven Keep]]. It is a suit of Hide Armour, somewhat bloodstained after years of use. It provides a +1 bonus to AC, and once/day the wearer can …

  • Blackiron Armour

    This armour is a suit of Scale Armour, appearing to be blackened by a blast of fire. Whilst it appears damaged, it is in fact magical and holds significant magical protection for it's wearer. It was found under the [[Winterhaven Keep]] in a hidden room …

  • Robe Of Contingency

    A light blue robe covered in arcane symbols. Those trained in [[Arcana]] recognise the symbols as being linked to teleportation. Level: 4
    Value: 840gp
    Armour type: Cloth
    Enhancement: +1 AC Power (Daily, Teleportation): Immediate …

  • Battle Harness

    This leather harness fits either on or under regular clothes. Level: 4
    Value: 840gp
    Armour type: Cloth
    Enhancement: +1 AC Property: As a free action, draw a sheathed weapon or retrieve a stowed item.
    Property: +1 power bonus to …

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