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  • Wizard

    “I am the fire that burns, the choking fog, the storm that rains devastation on our foes.”

    Wizards are scions of arcane magic. Wizards tap the true powers that permeates the cosmos, research esoteric rituals that can alter time and …

  • Druid

    "I am the seeker. I am the stalker. I am the storm." Secretive and enigmatic, druids call the wilderness their home. They are capable of running with a wolf pack, speaking with the most ancient trees, and watching thunderstorms from …

  • Invoker

    "The only thing stronger than my faith is the fire I use to burn away those who stand against the will of the gods." At the dawn of time, the gods who inhabited the Astral Sea warred with the primordials of the Elemental Chaos, the …

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