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  • A Dwarven Birth

    It was almost midnight when there came a frantic knocking at the door of the dining hall of the dwarfish lord, Gandric Stoneborn. Mid-quaff, Lord Stoneborn waved a bejewelled hand in the direction of the door and a servant hurried to open it. In stumbled …

  • Kaius Dynasty

    A family of Warlords that protected [[Linden Field]] and the surrounding area against goblins, monsters and a dragon. The dynasty died out around fifty years ago, and their last resting place is the [[Shadowhaunt Mausoleum]].

    The Dynasty were …

  • Nerath Empire

    • The most recent Empire that ruled across the world, bring peace and prosperity. Fell about 100 years ago.
    • The [[Warforged]] were created firstly in the Empire, with the first record of them dating from about 300 years ago. Several [[ …

  • Timeline

    The following is a rough timeline of events in the campaign world (this page will be populated as significant events happen):

    • April 3rd, 105 years after the Fall of Nerath (FN). A group rescues [[Richard Stasi]] and [[Steven Stasi]] ( …

  • Sir Creegan

    Sir Creegan is believed by [[Des]] to have been the last Lord of [[The Winterhaven Keep]] before it's fall.

    The story of that fall is beyond his knowledge, but [[Valthrun]] the Prescient of Winterhaven may be able to give more information.

  • History of Fallcrest

    Local legend places the hero Vandar and his battle against the Dragon of the Nentir as happening over four centuries ago, but with the rise of the [[Nerath Empire]] human settlers began to move north and establish trading towns along the [[Nentir River …

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