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  • Warlock

    “The darkness holds no terror for me, demon! I curse you now under the Sign of Ill Omen!”

    Warlocks channel arcane might wrested from primeval entities. They commune with infernal intelligences and fey spirits, scour enemies with …

  • Ranger

    “I’ll get the one in the back. That’s one hobgoblin who’ll regret ever lifting a bow.”

    Rangers are watchful warriors who roam past the horizon to safeguard a region, a principle or a way of life. Masters of bow and blade, rangers …

  • Rogue

    “You look surprised to see me. If you’d been paying attention, you might still be alive.”

    Rogues and cunning and elusive adversaries. Rogues slip into and out of the shadows on a whim, pass anywhere across the field of battle …

  • Barbarian

    “MY strength is the fury of the wild.” Barbarians are savage warriors who deal out powerful blows from their mighty weapons. They charge from foe to foe and seldom feel the pain of an enemy’s strike. For barbarians’ foes, the moments …

  • Martial Artist

    I am indebted to Ari Marnel and Expeditious Retreat Press for being able to using these classes & races in my game. 

    "You wear your steel on your body. I wear mine in …

  • Avenger

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  • Sorceror

    “I am in the arcane, and the arcane is in me.” The sorcerer is the arcane antithesis of the wizard. Wielding raw, barely contained magical power, sorcerers channel bursts and blasts of arcane energy through their bodies. They gain …

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