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  • Creation Forges

    A magical and mystical device, similar in use to a standard forge, that is an essential component to the ritual used to create new [[Warforged]]. The possible locations of these forges - should any still exist - is a closely-guarded secret.

    < …

  • Warforged

    The triumph of magic, the mystery of life and the horror of war personified.

    Created as soldiers for a war that defined the end of an age, warforged are artifical beings that display a human level of intelligence and self-awareness. 

  • Warforged Knowledge

    All Player Character Warforged have access to this knowledge:

    * Each Warforged has a unique rune on it's forehead, much like humans have unique fingerprints. This rune is called a "ghulra", a word that means "truth" in the …

  • The Strong Right Hand

    Known as "Hand", this [[Warforged]] blacksmith recently took over Teldorthan's Arms in [[Fallcrest]] from the Dwarf Teldorthan Ironhews. The locals, as yet, have not fully accepted him as a newcomer, but the quality of work is slowly …

  • Fangorn

    Fangorn is a [[Warforged]] [[Barbarian]], although in his case he is more like a Treeforged...

    The Origin Of Fangorn

    The party slowly eased open the hidden door in the wall and gasped! Before their amazed eyes they observed the most …

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