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  • Douven Stauls Amulet

    This Amulet was given to the group by a grateful [[Douven Staul]] after he was rescued from the clutches of [[Agrid]], a viscious gnome, at the [[Dragon Tomb]].

    It provides the wearer with a +1 bonus to Fortitude, Reflex and Will defenses, and …

  • Command Amulets

    The command amulets are small bronze amulets inscribed in various ways that allow the weerer to give orders to the bronze warders of [[Saruun Khel]]. Without the amulets, the warders either remain inert or in some cases continue to obey ancient orders …

  • Linoras Brooch

    Sister Linora of [[Winterhaven]] is a devout and hard-working woman, tirelessly doing everything she can to help the community. After a particularly hard winter, [[Lord Parrag]] of Winterhaven used community funds to purchase this amulet to help protect …

  • Winterhaven Amulet

    The guardsmen of [[Winterhaven]] wear these amulets when out on patrol. They are simple ornaments on a fine but sturdy metal chain. Originally found by [[Valthrun]] in his adventuring days, he put them to good use upon his settling in Winterhaven. They …

  • Safewing Amulet

    This amulet, which has the appearance of a circle of wings on a small golden medallion, was taken from the body of the Hobgoblin Warchief under the Winterhaven Keep. Level: 3
    Value: 680gp
    Slot: Neck
    Enchancement: +1 to Fortitude, Reflex …

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