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  • Grimmerzhul Trading Post

    Enclosed by a rampart, the trading post of the Clan Grimmerzhul duregar appears as a fortress in the [[Seven Pillared Hall]]. They trade rare ores, gemstones, liquor, poison and alchemical reagents from the Underdark for goods from the surface they can …

  • Duregar

    Given that you’re going to be dealing with the [[Horned Hold]], which is full of Duregar, I thought I’d give out some information on them that you’re able to find out by asking around in the [[Seven Pillared Hall]] (and also by continuing to question [[ …

  • Murkelmor

    Murkelmor is the leader of the [[Duregar]] of the [[Horned Hold]] under [[Thunderspire Mountain]]. He is reputed to be a fearsome warrior, and is know to carry a powerful magical axe.

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