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  • Victory

    As the blade slid home, the evil Elf that had set these events in motion fell backwards, out of the protection of his magical circle. As he fell he saw around the room that his skeleton warriors lay in pieces, destroyed by [[Theron]]'s repearted …

  • Elf

    Quick, wary archers who freely roam the forests and hills.

    Wild and free, elves guard their forested lands using stealth and deadly arrows from  the trees. They build their homes in close harmony with the forest, so perfectly joined that …

  • Elf Knowledge

    All Elf player characters have access to this knowledge:

    Elves mature at about the same rate as humans, but show effects of age past adulthood. Most elves lives to be over 200 years old, and remain vigourous almost to the end.

    Elves prefer …

  • Helvec

    The Elf that was lurking in the [[Shadowhaunt Mausoleum]] near [[Linden Field]]. He is believed to be an associate of [[Kalarel]], based on a letter found in his personal belongings after his death.

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  • Ressilmae Starlight

    Ressilmae Starlight is a male [[Elf]] who manages the [[Moonsong Temple]] in [[Fallcrest]]. A [[Cleric]] of [[Sehanine]], he is wise and compassionate. He finished adventuring decades ago and retired to contemplative life - as a musician of great skill …

  • Ninaran

    Ninaran is a female elf, resident of [[Winterhaven]]. She earns a living as a hunter, and has a reputation for being a little surly and unfriendly.

    Ninaran was revealed as [[Kalarel]]'s spy in Winterhaven when she raised an undead force in the …

  • Delphina

    Delphina is a female elf, living in [[Winterhaven]]. She earns a living as a flower-gatherer and seller, roaming the local area. As such, she has a good knowledge of nearby locations, including the Kobold Lair and the Winterhaven Keep.

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