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  • Aran Thule


    Played by aran_thule

    Halfling Ranger that knows a few tricks. 

    As a Halfling PC, Aran has access to [[Halfling Knowledge]]. 

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  • Halfling Knowledge

    All Halfling PC's know the following information:

    • The Misty Isle is a halfling pirate island, somewhere off the coast, that is permanently shrouded in mist.

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  • Halfling

    Quick and resourceful wanderers, small in stature but great in courage.

    Halflings are a small race known for their resourcefulness, quick wits and steady nerves. They are a nomadic folk who roam waterways and marshlands. No people travel farther …

  • Arans Tavern Tales

    A tavern is a refuge against the hardship of the outside world, a place to find sanctuary and protection, food and refreshments at the end of the day.

    But be it on a remote path, in a busy city or a humble dwelling in a small village they all …

  • Wisara Osterman

    Wisara is a cheerful female halfling, and owner of the [[Silver Unicorn Inn]] in [[Fallcrest]]. She has a strong dislike of [[Erandil Zemoar]], the owner of the newly opened [[Nentir Inn]], believing there is something fishy about him.

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  • Selarund Halfmoon

    The Halfmoom family is a large merchant family that trades throughout the [[Nentir Vale]] and beyond, and Selarund is the owner of the Halfmoon Trading House in [[Fallcrest]].

    He has a habit of dispensing a stream of advice that doesn't make …

  • Lannar Thistleton

    Lannar is an excellent source of rumours as he runs the [[Fallcrest]] Stables, providing travellers with tack, harness, stabling, shoeing, wagons and just about anything else dealing with horses, ponies and mules. He also owns a corral a mile or so out …

  • Shire Halfling

    I am indebted to Ari Marnel and Expeditious Retreat Press for being able to using these classes & races in my game. 

    Small, practical people with a wanderlust that …

  • Ryam

    Ryam Rateater is a [[Halfling]] [[Warlord]], played by James as a replacement for the deceased [[Rangrim]].

    A note on pronunciation
    "Ryam" should sound like the name "Liam" but with an R rather than …

  • Halfmoon Inn

    This large building sits against the side of the [[Seven Pillared Hall]] and serves as a trading post, taproom and inn. The Halfmoon [[Halfling]] family run the place, stocking a variety of foodstuffs and other other goods obtained from Halfmoon posts in …

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