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  • The Battle With irontooth

    Teamwork was the key to victory! That, at least, was the plan.

    The party decided to head in through the northern most entrance to the kobold lair, to the left of the waterfall. However, revelling in his own stealth, Aran volunteered to attack …

  • Broken Axe

    This Battleaxe was found in Irontooth's quarters in the Kobold Lair near to [[Winterhaven]]. It is a well-made two-bladed Battleaxe, with one blade sundered into three pieces. Fire sigils adorn the blade, but in it's current state it is …

  • Tale Two

    Aran slumped on his chair and gazed looked at the flagons arrayed before him; then at the faces of the townsfolk surrounding him.

    "I guess you heard of my triumphant victory over the kobold hordes and want to hear about it in more detail?" …

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