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  • Thunderspire Mountain

    Thunderspire Mountain lies to the East of [[Fallcrest]], close to the trade route between Fallcrest and [[Hammerfast]].

    It lies amid a wilderness of pine forests and rocky hills. The mountain's pinnacle is usually wreathed in gray, forbidding …

  • Chamber of Eyes

    The Chamber of Eyes is a small area within [[Thunderspire Mountain]]. Until recently, it was inhabited by the [[Bloodreavers]], a goblinoid group of slavers. They were kidnapping people from the surrounding areas, including [[Fallcrest]], and selling …

  • Horned Hold

    The Horned Hold is a three-part structure spanning a huge chasm beneath [[Thunderspire Mountain]], and is home to the [[Duregar]]. It is large and well-defended.

  • Bloodreavers

    The Bloodreavers were a group of human and goblinoid slavers that operated out of [[Thunderspire Mountain]]. They lived in the [[Chamber of Eyes]], but have now been defeated by the Heroes of Winterhaven.

  • Murkelmor

    Murkelmor is the leader of the [[Duregar]] of the [[Horned Hold]] under [[Thunderspire Mountain]]. He is reputed to be a fearsome warrior, and is know to carry a powerful magical axe.

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