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  • The Mausoleum

    Arriving at the [[Shadowhaunt Mausoleum]], the group fan out and search around the outside first of all, seeking clues as to the location of the two young boys believed to be held inside.

    [[Aran Thule]] finds some small tracks leading up to the …

  • Into The Darkness

    The group quickly establish a marching order, with [[Aran Thule]] acting as point. [[Sabbat Fau]] decides to stay at the top of the stairs in case the group need a swift way out (see below).

    Moving carefully down the stairs, the room ahead …

  • The Shadow Speaks

    The strange spectral figure coalesced out of the stone wall, forming again into a humanoid shape, it's outline obscured by it's robes that seemed to trail away into nothingness.

    Ignoring the fallen hobgoblins, it gestured at the bones …

  • Cave of Battle

    Peering around the corner, [[Aran Thule]] sees in to the next room. It is a large natural-looking cavern, lit by moss and rugged in appearance. There is an exit on the far side of the room, a small corridor leading away.

    To one side, an alcove …

  • Undead Bottleneck

    As the skeletons surged forwards, racing down the narrow corridor to engage [[Des]] in combat, he and [[Theron]] used a remarkable piece of teamwork to slow them down.

    Firstly, Theron called upon the power of the magical orb that he carries to …

  • Victory

    As the blade slid home, the evil Elf that had set these events in motion fell backwards, out of the protection of his magical circle. As he fell he saw around the room that his skeleton warriors lay in pieces, destroyed by [[Theron]]'s repearted …

  • A Rock And A Hard Place

    The party gathered around the circle in the statue room, joined now by [[Sabbat Fau]]. [[Elwanen]] went to guard the entrance against possible reinforcements.

    [[Sabbat Fau]] and [[Theron]] between them concluded that with the death of [[Helvec]], …

  • The Letter

    Possibly the most important item amongst the possessions found in [[Helvec]]'s chest was a short note on poor quality paper. It read:

    "Helvec, once you have finished with your task you must meet me at the Keep. You know the passcode. In …

  • Helvec

    The Elf that was lurking in the [[Shadowhaunt Mausoleum]] near [[Linden Field]]. He is believed to be an associate of [[Kalarel]], based on a letter found in his personal belongings after his death.

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  • Tale One

    "And that is how Percy became prime porker of the village" The grey haired farmer called Rupert said as he finished the story of how his pig had won much acclaim from the nearby farmers.

    "What about you, youngster?" He …

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