Arans Tavern Tales

A tavern is a refuge against the hardship of the outside world, a place to find sanctuary and protection, food and refreshments at the end of the day.

But be it on a remote path, in a busy city or a humble dwelling in a small village they all attract those that wish company and to relax away from the confines of everyday living.

One tradition has passed down through generations of halflings, from father to son, mother to daughter and that is the power of the spoken word. For the race known as halflings do not have great libraries of knowledge, bound to one place and the ravages of time, instead they tell stories, tales of old and of new, passing by word of mouth the news of the land and the heroes upon it.

One such halfling that dreams of becoming a great hero is the young Aran Thule, small even for his race and with a crop of white hair this cheerful ranger wields a scimitar called ‘Talon' and a short sword he calls ‘Fang'.

He can often be found in a tavern sharing drinks and stories with other like minded individuals.

Wraftons Inn in the walled village of Winterhaven

Returning to Wraftons Inn after searching ruins and hunting kobolds

Wraftons Inn after saving the town from an undead menace 

Blueflame Orb in Fallcrest welcomes the returning heroes

Arans Tavern Tales

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