Characters trained in Arcana know the following information:

• The Spiral Tower is a wizard order devoted to Corellon.
• Major cities are sometimes linked with Teleportation circles.
The Order of the Golden Wyvern is a loose association of spellcasters who use their talents in military pursuits.
• Teleportation Circles link major cities and are set up in libraries, mage guilds, temples and the like.
• The existence of the Far Realm is speculated at, but not proven.
• Connections to the Far Realm may be found deep beneath the earth.
• Demons are born of the Abyss and care only for destruction.
Baphomet (aka, the Horned King), Demogorgon, and Orcus were primordials corrupted by the Abyss.
• Mind Flayers came to the world from the Far Realm.
• According to some legends, rakshasas were spawned by demons that fled the Abyss and came to the natural world long ago.
• Shadar-Kai inhabit the Shadowfell and worship the Raven Queen.

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