played by loyhargill

A Tiefling Cleric who has been contacted and sponsored by a God – only he doesn't know yet which one…

His full name is Destroyer, but he keeps that quiet. 

As a Tiefling PC, Des has access to Tiefling Knowledge.

Loyhargil says: Here's the message I sent to the GM about Des's faith:



Destroyer is the child of a warlike tribe of tieflings. He was always contemplative and studious, and his easy-going nature and desire for answers meant he never really belonged to the honour-bound aggressive culture he was born into. Like many people, Des felt there was some elusive reason to life, which would make everything fall into place and make sense. And then one day, he discovered The Reason. Everyone is inspired by The Reason, and it forms the motivating power in everyone, even if they don't understand it themselves. The Reason can't be explained. People need to listen to their own inner voice and find their own Reason. All Des can do is encourage them to listen.

In this regard, it's a bit like the Buddhist Enlightenment as I understand it. The difference is that The Reason is all for debate and discussion and the correct use of words to help people articulate their ideas. Those ideas aren't The Reason, but they do help to eliminate misleading possibilities.

The Reason isn't a conventional weak god with a small church, and is different from the Terry Pratchett Small God which inspired it. Rather, its few scattered proselytes will have all discovered it spontenously for themselves. When they meet, there's a quiet smile between them, as if they're sharing a secret. It's not even certain that each has found the same Reason – most likely is that it is couched in different terms for each Inspiree, but it's still a reflection of the same Reason that explains reality.

The Reason is a conventional god in many ways, though. Each convert has a fragment of The Reason in their mind and it grows with each one. The Reason is a lover of words, rationality, speech, debate, common sense, inquiry, discovery, curiosity and wonder, and patronises and delights in these aspects of creation. Des knows that every new marvel that the world holds gives him a new perspective on what The Reason means, and how evrything is incorporated. Now he knows the secret, he can see how cleverly it all fits together, and laughs when a surprising new piece is added to the already solved puzzle.

Certain forces are enemies of Reason, though, and these forces disappoint and dismay it. Des feels he is making the world more streamlined and pure by removing them from existence. Chaos isn't necessarily a problem – after all, everyone has to find his or her own path. Some creatures seek to take the freedom of others away from them, and this is obstructive and cannot be allowed.

Des knows he must be honest, and that's why he's kept his real name (although he tends to keep quiet about it) rather than choose a falsehood whch would be more acceptable and palatable.

The holy symbol is a book, of course. In fact, Zen and the Art of the Song is a magical book that has come into Des’ possession.

He also wears the Chainmail of Fili Stonehelm.

People who watch Des in meditation might think he's an overly introspective youth in reflection, talking to himself. He knows, however, that the inner voice is his chatty god who likes nothing more than a good-natured natter about all and sundry.

The followers of The Reason probably don't build conventional churches, but areas dedicated to learning, surprise and debate. So instead of a shrine or similar, there'd be a combination library, museum and meditative space. That is of course if there were even enough followers in one area to get the space (or one rich Inspiree). Maybe more frequently they'd occupy parks or peaceful public spaces and try and encourage good-natured debate among visitors. Des might feel thinkers, public debaters and hermits were unwitting proselytes of The Reason anyway.

However, it's a very minor religion, of course, and, at least initially, will be more about giving Des a perspective on what's happening. If you decide that we never meet another person who's discovered The Reason, then that's fine too.

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