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History of Fallcrest

Important locations in Fallcrest:
The Tower of Waiting – an abandoned tower on a small island in the Nentir River
The Upper Quays – complete with a porters guild run by Barstomun Strongbeard
The Fiver-Arch Bridge - now a timber bridge, recently rebuilt after the original was destroyed by war. Sargeant Thurmina and five guards keep watch here. To cross is 1cp per head. South of this bridge, the current becomes strong enough to endanger boats and swimmers.
The Nentir Inn – the proprietor is Erandil Zemoar
The Knight's Gate – guarded by Sargeant Nereth and five guards.
The Silver Unicorn Inn – proprietor Wisara Osterman
The Halfmoon Trading House – owned by Selarund Halfmoon
The Moonstone Keep – home to the Markelhay Family, the rulers of Fallcrest
The Tombwood – inside this wood lurks the old castle cemetary and an ancient battle-mound
The House of the Sun – a temple to Pelor, run by Grundelmar
House Azaer – a small, well-off trading company run by Amara Azaer
The Nentir Falls – a two-hundred foot drop in three striking, shelflike stages. On the small island in the middle of the falls stands a statue of the adventurer Vendar, holding up his hand as if to challenge enemies from downriver. Local legend tells that Vendar slew a dragon whose lair was hidden in caverns beneath the falls.
The Temple of Erathis – run by Dirina Mornbrow

The Catacombs – a series of small caves which the people of Fallcrest have used as burial crypts for centuries. Stories abound of treasure hoards hidden away, along with their undead guardians.
The Moonsong Temple – a temple to Sehanine run by Ressilmae Starlight
The Fallcrest Stables – run by Lannar Thistleton.
The Wizards Gate – guarded by Dwarven veteran Sergeant Murgeddin.
Naerumar's Imports – run by Orest Naerumar
The Kamroth Estate – owned by the self-styled "Lord" Armos Kamroth
The Moonwash Falls – a small stream cascades down the cliffs here
The Septarchs Tower – a seven-sided spire of pale green stone, the property of the Wizard Nimozaran The Green, who considers himself the "High Septarch of All Fallcrest".
The Blueflame Orb - a tavern, run by Par Breenan, and home to Cass Breenan.
Teldorthan's Arms – a forge, owned by The Strong Right Hand, master Warforged weaponsmith and armourer.
The King's Gate – guarded by Sargeant Gerdrand
The Market Green – the main site of commerce and trade in Fallcrest.
Sandercot Provisioners – run by Nimena Sandercot
The Lucky Gnome Taphouse – a cheap and course drinking establishment, owned by Kelson.
The Lower Quays – boats to the South set sail from here.

Important NPC's of Fallcrest:
Douven Staul – human explorer
Parle Cranewing - human map-collector

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