Marianna Markelhay

Marianna Markelhay is the niece of Faren Markelhay, Lord & Warden of Fallcrest in the Nentir Vale.

Dark-haired, freckled and slim, you would not describe her as beautiful and yet there is something compelling about her. She has the gift of magic in her veins, a quick wit and a pure singing voice, but her lively personality is cut through with a deep sadness.

Brought up in the Markelhay Family household, it was assumed she would study wizardry like her aunt. However, at the age of 16, she fell in love with Anders, a much older notorious local Bard and ne’er-do-well who taught her to sing, strum the ukelele and swing a rapier. Her family were appalled at the match, yet wilful Marianna took no heed and married the minstrel. The couple were inseparable for three years, cavorting about Fallcrest and on foolish adventure in the surrounding dangerous country.

As the time passed, Anders’ enchantment with the lively noble girl faded. Marianna heard rumours of other girls and there were nights when Anders went out drinking and did not return. But she was unable to break her girlish attraction to him and too stubborn to prove her family correct.

Two years ago she woke up one morning and Anders was gone for good.

Devastated, she was forced to return to her family for comfort. She has no idea where her husband went or if he is even alive, and neither the bottle nor the arms of other men have brought the peace she seeks. Her family have despaired of her behaviour, and are seeking to find something useful for her to do to try and break her black moods.

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Marianna Markelhay

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