Characters Trained in religion know the following information:

  • Deities. The PHB (pg.20) lists the commonly worshipped gods.
  • Asmodeus killed another god.
  • Corellon blinded one of Gruumsh’s eyes.
  • Humans were created by an unknown god.
  • Wayside shrines built on trade roads are dedicated to the worship of Avandra, Melora and Sehanine
  • Temples do not hold regular services. They are always open, and act as “community centers” for worshippers. The faithful only congregate in temples on holy days, which are social holidays.
  • Religious organizations are political forces in the world:
    • Knightly orders dedicated to Bahamut or Bane
    • Colleges devoted to Ioun
    • Civic organizations that honor Erathis
    • Travelers’ aid societies dedicated to Avandra
    • Craft guilds that invoke Moradin’s name
  • Goblins, especially hobgoblins, worship Bane.
  • Gnolls worship the demon lord, Yeenoghu (aka, the Beast of Butchery or Ruler of Ruin), and often work with demons.
  • Yuan-ti worship Zehir, and have human followers.
  • Kyuss is an elder evil being, but nothing else is known.
  • Shadar-Kai inhabit the Shadowfell and worship the Raven Queen.


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