Septarchs Tower

This lonely structure is a tall, seven-sided spire of pale green stone that doesn't match anything else in Fallcrest. In the days before the Bloodspear War, this was the seat of Fallcrest's mages' guild – an order of a dozen or so wizards and arcane scholars. Defensive enchantments prevented the orcs from sacking the tower, but the guild's members died fighting for the city or fled to safer lands.

The current resident is Nimozaran the Green, an elderly human male wizard who was apprenticed to the last of the old guild mages, and Tobolar Quickfoot, a halfling apprentice.

Nimozaran expects anyone that wants to join the guild to pay a hefty fee, but it is known that a teleportation circle exists on the top floor of the tower that could be used in travel rituals.

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Septarchs Tower

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