Tiefling Knowledge

All Tiefling PC's have access to this knowledge:

  • Tieflings descended from human nobles who had made deals with devils. Their empire (Bael Turath) subjugated half the world. War with the dragonborn empire of Arkhosia destroyed both empires.
  • Battle of Razortear: one of the last stands of the Dragonborn, with more than ½ million Tieflings laying siege to the for more than 10 years. The Tieflings dug a huge tunnel to win the battle.
  • Vor Kragal is a Tiefling city that was once one of their greatest achievments. It now stands ruined and dangerous to all visitors.
  • The ruling families of Vor Kragal were the Barikdral, the Kahlir and the Zolfura.
  • The Barikdal embraced undeath, using undead servitors to communicate with the outside world.
  • The Kahlir became vampires, creating a maze that they used to torture their victims before draining them of blood.
  • The Zolfura lived in an area of the city charged with such elemental power that no ordinary creature could approach without death.
  • The ruins of the city lie in an ashen wastleland, but thirty years ago the city began to re-emerge from the dust and rise up, following an earthquake.
  • Charspire, the citadel of House Barikdal, is rumoured to be able to move itself around the local area of Vor Kragal. Several nearby noble families and minor kingdoms are talking about leading an army to the area to investigate and ensure that the terrible secrets of the Tieflings stay hidden.

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Tiefling Knowledge

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