Aran Thule

A quick and friendly halfling with a sense of adventure



Aran Thule, Halfling Ranger (Two-Blade/Rogue)

Age: 17      Height: 3'10     Weight: 77lb

Str 16, Con 10, Dex 18, Int 8, Wis 14, Chs 13

AC 20 (22vsOp), Fort 17, Ref 18, Will 15 (+1 due to amulet)

Skills: Acrobatics, Endurance, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Trickery, Bluff

HP 42, Blooded 21, Surge Value 10, Surge per day 6

Halfling features: Bold, Nimble Reactions, Second Chance

Class features: Fighting Style(Two-Blade), Hunter's Quarry, Prime Shot

Languages: Common, Elven       Religion: Avantra    Alignment: Good

Feats: Sneak of Shadows (Rogue Multiclass), Toughness (Two Weapon Ranger) , Alertness, Sly Dodge

At Will Powers: Hit and Run, Twin Strike

Encounter Powers: Two-Fanged Strike(1), Disruptive Strike(3)

Daily Powers: Jaws of the Wolf(1)

Utility Powers: Yield Ground(2)

Magic Items: Amulet of Health, Bloodcut Hide Armour, Warchiefs Shortsword, Lightning Dagger, Crystal Fish Scimitar




Aran is a foundling, he was found at a young age abandoned on the steps of a tavern with a note stating:

"This is Aran Thule, please care for him".

The tavern owner was a kindly if strict halfling who had several young helpers assisting him with the running of his tavern, he took the boy in and raised him with the others. Aran had a mischievous childhood, if there was an incident he was normally found to be in some way responsible but his quick words and spirited nature normally allowed him to escape with only light punishment.

His starting work as a pot boy mainly involved cleaning and carrying items which stopped him from getting unfit but he grew adept at sneaking around so as not to receive extra jobs when he was unoccupied, he also took a delight in finding secrets.

This habit caused him to mature a bit when he overheard someone whispering about ambushing a passing merchant that was staying the night. The following morning he spoke to the merchant warning him before his departure and hoped that the information would save lives.

Over the next few years he paid more attention to the visitors, his favourite time was during the string when travellers on route to a feywild gateway passed through, he loved listening to the stories and watching the adventurers and decided to himself that one day he would be like that, a figure that guarded the land and was respected by those that lived there.

On his free days he took to exploring a lands near to where he lived and learnt how to relate to the creatures of the wilds, being small and nimble he was able to travel without disturbing most wildlife and on the rare occasion that something did take offence to him he learnt that a quick strike from a knife soon dissuaded them.

On his fifteenth year the merchant he had warned many years before again passed through the tavern and thanked Aran for the warning he had been given, he explained that he ran a store in a distant city and that if Aran ever visited he would be a welcome guest.

Upon reaching the age of adulthood (his sixteenth birthday) Aran decided that it was time for him to make his own way in the world and with fondness said farewell to the innkeeper that had looked after him all these years and started his long trek towards the merchants city.

As he travelled his skills developed, he learnt to be observant and how to read the lay of the land and how to survive using nothing but your wits and the resources to hand. He also found that there are some bad people in the world and he did what he could to help those that were being oppressed, by the time he reached the city he was more experienced in the ways of the world then he had been from a decade of listening to stories.

He stayed with the merchant for several months and developed a good friendship with him; he learnt the arts of fletching and furthered his understanding in the process of brewing alcohol. After hearing that Aran intended to go adventuring his friend introduced him to a locksmith who taught him about man-made dangers such as traps and well as how to unlock doors and locks.

Several months have passed since he left the city, travelling where his whim took him and enjoying the freedom of life, his first stop upon arriving at a new place is to visit the local tavern and learn of the surrounding area. It is often during these tavern talks that he finds out about any local problems which if it sounds like something he can help with he investigates further and does what he can to assist those that cant help themselves.

The latest tavern is in the village of Fallcrest where he has shared many a drink with a strong barmaid called Cass, they were talking when a man approuched them offering to pay them to map out a keep near the town of Winterhaven. With such an interesting name that town must be worthy of a visit so Aran has agreed to go investigate.


Aran is small even for a halfling, at a mere 3'10 he is often overlooked by those not away of his presence, he wears a mix of dark colours, browns, greens and blacks which help him to blend in with his surroundings.

When travelling he wears a helm or his hood up to hide his most visible feature, that being that his hair is white and short and very distinctive.

Also distinctive are the weapons attacked to his back, along with his short bow and quiver are the hilt of a scimitar which Aran has cheerfully named ‘Talon' and a short sword with the apt name of ‘Fang'.

He has an open friendly attitude and enjoys hearing and telling stories with a cold flagon of ale.

Aran Thule

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