Sabbat Fau

Oriental Warlock Nihilist


Str 8 Con 20 Dex 11 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 10 Ac 15/17 Hp 37/47 Mv 6 Init +4 Fort +7 Refl +4 Will +3 Feats: Improved Star Pact, Improved Initiative, Action Surge Skills: Arcana +8, Religion +8, Intim +6, Insight +6, Streetwise +6, Perception +1, Endurance +6 Traits Warlocks Curse: (minor actn) +1d6 dam nearest opponent Prime Shot: +1 att if noone else is nearer to target Star Pact: +2 any roll if cursed enemy falls Shadow Walk: move 3sq and gain concealment At Will Eldritch Blast: R10, +6 vs Refl, 1d10+5 Dire Radiance: R10, +6 vs Fort, 1d6+5 radiant (1d6+5 radiant if target moves closer to you) Hellish Rebuke: R10, +6 vs Fort, 1d6+5 fire (1d6+5 Fire if target damages you) Encounter Diabolic Grasp: R10, +6 vs Refl, 2d6+5 (slide target 2sq) Daily Flames of Phlegethos: R10, +6 vs Fort, 3d10+5 (5 ongoing-save) Utility Infernal Resilience: +10 temp HP

Equipment Serpents tongue dagger, Tatty leather armour, Dirty white robes, Sheeps skin adventurers pack, Yak fur blanket, Boozeberry leaves iron rations, Sheeps stomach wineskin,


Sabbat Fau wandered out of the far eastern lands having survived plague and famine that claimed tens of thousands of souls. Of indeterminate age, dressed in dirty white rags, face all but obscured by lank black hair that trails along the ground, he brings word of an obscure cult who believe that all creation will be consumed by ‘the void’. As a vessel of otherwordly power, he posseses vast reserves of stamina and fortitude.

Sabbat Fau

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