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  • Rangrim Stoneborn

    played by James (main details of this character are held on the wiki page [[Rangrim]])

    A Dwarf Paladin. 

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  • Dwarven Knowledge

    All Dwarf players know the following information:

    • Early dwarves were slaves to titans and giants. Those that did not escape became Azers.

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  • Dwarf

    Masters of stone and iron, dauntless and unyeilding in the face of adversity.

    Carved from the bedrock of the universe, dwarves endured an age of servitude to giants before winning their freedom. Their mighty mountain fortess-cities testify to the …

  • Grundelmar

    Grundelmar is a Dwarven Cleric of Pelor, who works the [[House of the Sun]] in [[Fallcrest]]. He is only recently arrived in the town from [[Hammerfast]], but his zealous nature and loud opinions have already polarized local worshippers.

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  • Barstomun Strongbeard

    Barstomun Strongbeard is surly male dwarf living in [[Fallcrest]]. He runs the porters guild that controls the Upper Quays, and takes a cut of any wages paid to labourers carrying cargo up or down around the falls.

    He and his colleagues are known …

  • Sergeant Murgeddin

    An older Dwarf that guards the Wizard's Gate in [[Fallcrest]], Sargeant Murgeddin is a veteran of the Bloodspear War (see [[History of Fallcrest]]) and was present at the Battle of Gardbury where Fallcrest's army was defeated. A friendly drink …

  • Thair Coalstriker

    Stock and triple-bearded, never seen without his trusty hammer. A gruff exterior masks a quick wit and a loud laugh. He is the local smith of the village of [[Winterhaven]]. After the party battled undead in the town's graveyard, he worked through the …

  • Deepgem Company

    Two large stone friezes in teh shape of stern dwarf faces adorn the facade of this expertly carved series of chambers, buried in the wall of the [[Seven Pillared Hall]]. The Company deal in gems and precious metals, as well as fine arms and armour. …

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