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  • Beginnings

    On a fresh spring day in the town of [[Fallcrest]], various people are drawn together into what might become a group to shake the foundations of the world...one day.

    [[Aran Thule]], a young halfling Ranger, and barkeeps daughter [[Cass Breenan]] …

  • Fallcrest!

    This is a short message to everyone to say - please go take a look at all the work I've just finished doing on [[Fallcrest]] in the campaign wiki! It includes a history, NPC's, locations and all sorts.

    If anyone wants to use any of this …

  • Entering Fallcrest

    Fallcrest is a large town in the centre of the Nentir Vale, split into two levels. The Upper Side stands north of the Nentir Falls , the dramatic waterfall on the river that is the only hindrance to trade. A thriving community of dockers were always …

  • Fallcrest


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    [[History of Fallcrest]]

    Important locations in Fallcrest:
    [[Hightown …

  • Priestess Marla

    An earnest young priestess of the deity [[Pelor]], based at the [[Shrine to Pelor]] in [[Fallcrest]].

    She spends most of her time helping local farmers, but can be contacted by leaving a message at the Shrine. It is known locally that she checks …

  • Douven Staul

    A friendly explorer and mentor to [[Sabbat Fau]] and [[Theron]], mostly based in [[Fallcrest]] when he's not out exploring.

    He was captured by the Gnome [[Agrid]], but the party managed to rescue him and return him to [[Winterhaven]]. He is …

  • Parle Cranewing

    A human scholar, based in [[Fallcrest]], who seeks information on the [[Nerath Empire]].

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  • Great Church

    The largest Church in [[Fallcrest]], and home to [[Priestess Marla]].

    God worshipped here include [[Pelor]], 

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  • Blueflame Orb

    The Blueflame Orb is an Inn in [[Fallcrest]], and is the place that both [[Cass Breenan]] and her brother grew up, before his disappearance.

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  • Shrine to Pelor

    This small shrine is on the road near the [[Wizards Gate]] in [[Fallcrest]] and is tended to by [[Priestess Marla]]. It has been placed so that each day, as the sun comes up, the Shrine is likely to be bathed in sunlight.

    Linora lives in a small …

  • House of the Sun

    The House of the Sun is a Pelor-dedicated temple in the town of [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]], but also includes shrines to [[Kord]] and [[Bahamut]].

    It has only recently been reopened, and is in the process of being refurbished by [[ …

  • Grundelmar

    Grundelmar is a Dwarven Cleric of Pelor, who works the [[House of the Sun]] in [[Fallcrest]]. He is only recently arrived in the town from [[Hammerfast]], but his zealous nature and loud opinions have already polarized local worshippers.

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  • Temple of Erathis

    This large, impressive stone Temple stands proudly in [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]].

    It was built with local marble, and it's chapel is a large rotunda with a 30-foot tall dome. The temple of [[Erathis]] is the largest and most …

  • Dirina Mornbrow

    Dirina Mornbrow is a human woman who runs the [[Temple of Erathis]] in [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]]. She is a woman of about sixty who is convinced of the superiority of [[Erathis]]'s dogma, and is disappointed that more people in Fallcrest …

  • Moonsong Temple

    The Moonsong Temple is a devoted to [[Sehanine]], and is located in [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]]. It also includes shrines to [[Corellon]], [[Melora]] and [[Avandra]]. The [[Markelhay Family]] regard Sehanine as their special patron, and over …

  • Markelhay Family

    The Markelhay Family are the leaders and rulers of [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]]. They live in the [[Moonstone Keep]] in [[Hightown]]. The current head of the family is Lord Warden [[Faren Markelhay]], a balding, middle-aged human. His wife is …

  • Moonstone Keep

    Moonstone Keep is the home of the [[Markelhay Family]], the rulers of [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]]. It is an old castle that sits atop a steep-sided hill overlooking the town. The outer bailey includes barracks housing up to sixty Fallcrest …

  • Hightown

    The Northern half of the town of [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]] - the side North of the cliffs that split the town in two.

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  • Faren Markelhay

    Lord Warden Faren Markelhay is a balding, middle-aged human male who is the head of the [[Markelhay Family]] and current leader of [[Fallcrest]]. He is a busy man and sees to local matters personally, so adventurers calling on him are likely to wait a …

  • Lowtown

    Lowtown describes the area in [[Fallcrest]] to the South of the cliffs that split the city.

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  • Ressilmae Starlight

    Ressilmae Starlight is a male [[Elf]] who manages the [[Moonsong Temple]] in [[Fallcrest]]. A [[Cleric]] of [[Sehanine]], he is wise and compassionate. He finished adventuring decades ago and retired to contemplative life - as a musician of great skill …

  • Nentir River

    The Nentir River is the river that runs through the [[Nentir Vale]], including the town of [[Fallcrest]]. It's origin point is Lake Nen. There is a lot of trade along this river, and it can also be used to reach the coast cities to the South.

  • Barstomun Strongbeard

    Barstomun Strongbeard is surly male dwarf living in [[Fallcrest]]. He runs the porters guild that controls the Upper Quays, and takes a cut of any wages paid to labourers carrying cargo up or down around the falls.

    He and his colleagues are known …

  • Sargeant Thurmina

    Sargeant Thrumina is a female human working as a bridge guard in [[Fallcrest]]. She and five guards watch the Five-Arch bridge, charging 1cp (and 1sp per mount) for anyone crossing the bridge.

    It is known in the local area that the Sargeant is …

  • Nentir Inn

    A fine new building constructed of fieldstone and strong timber, the Nentir Inn stands on the west bank of the [[Nentir River]] in [[Fallcrest]]. Merchants from Winterhaven or Hammerfast make up the clientele, and a good room costs 5sp per night. The …

  • Erandil Zemoar

    Erandil is the proprietor of the [[Nentir Inn]] in [[Fallcrest]]. He is a charming half-elf, who has only been in the town about two years. He simply turned up one day, bought land, and built an inn.

  • Serim Selduzar

    Serim is a male tiefling who says he is an expatriate noble from the South. He claims he is a third son and is unlikely to inherit. He currently boards in the [[Nentir Inn]] in [[Fallcrest]], claiming to be thinking about setting up a small manor …

  • Sargeant Nereth

    Sargeant Nerath guards the Knight's Gate in [[Fallcrest]] along with five other guards. He is a male human who is distinctly unpopular with the others as he insists on enforcing every minor rule dreamt up by the previous guards, which can make …

  • Silver Unicorn Inn

    For many years, the Silver Unicorn Inn billed itself as the "Pride of [[Fallcrest]]", charging high rates for it's attentive service and well-appointed rooms. The recent opening of the [[Nentir Inn]] put a big dent in the Unicorn's …

  • Wisara Osterman

    Wisara is a cheerful female halfling, and owner of the [[Silver Unicorn Inn]] in [[Fallcrest]]. She has a strong dislike of [[Erandil Zemoar]], the owner of the newly opened [[Nentir Inn]], believing there is something fishy about him.

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  • Selarund Halfmoon

    The Halfmoom family is a large merchant family that trades throughout the [[Nentir Vale]] and beyond, and Selarund is the owner of the Halfmoon Trading House in [[Fallcrest]].

    He has a habit of dispensing a stream of advice that doesn't make …

  • Allande Markelhay

    Allande is a female human, wife of the Lord Warden [[Faren Markelhay]] of [[Fallcrest]] and a member of the [[Markelhay Family]].

    She is ten years younger than her husband, and posessed of a keen mind. She has studied the arcane arts, and uses a …

  • House Azaer

    House Azaer is a small trading post in the town of [[Fallcrest]]. They import goods (including arms and armour) from [[Hammerfast]], Harkenwold and the lands to the south, and organise caravans up to [[Winterhaven]] several times a year.

    The …

  • Amara Azaer

    Amara is a female tiefling, resident of [[Fallcrest]], who runs the [[House Azaer]] trading post. Although only in her early 20's, she is sharp-witted and capable.

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  • Lannar Thistleton

    Lannar is an excellent source of rumours as he runs the [[Fallcrest]] Stables, providing travellers with tack, harness, stabling, shoeing, wagons and just about anything else dealing with horses, ponies and mules. He also owns a corral a mile or so out …

  • Sergeant Murgeddin

    An older Dwarf that guards the Wizard's Gate in [[Fallcrest]], Sargeant Murgeddin is a veteran of the Bloodspear War (see [[History of Fallcrest]]) and was present at the Battle of Gardbury where Fallcrest's army was defeated. A friendly drink …

  • Orest Naerumar

    Orest is a male tiefling that runs Naerumar's Imports in [[Fallcrest]], a shop which deals in gemstones, jewellry, art and magic trinkets. Orest displays impeccable manners and temprement - given a few weeks, his large collection of contacts in the …

  • Armos Kamroth

    "Lord" Armos Kamroth is a wealthy landowner in the town of [[Fallcrest]]. He is a brusque, balding man of about fifty who makes a great show of being fair - but somehow he has acquired a lot of land in a short time and turned farmers into …

  • Septarchs Tower

    This lonely structure is a tall, seven-sided spire of pale green stone that doesn't match anything else in [[Fallcrest]]. In the days before the Bloodspear War, this was the seat of Fallcrest's mages' guild - an order of a dozen or so …

  • Nimozaran The Green

    Nimozaran is a Wizard living in [[Fallcrest]]. He is a grumpy old man, convinced that the best years of magic have passed and still raging at his own inability to master the Art. He will try and dissuade any adventurers from joining the guild by …

  • Par Breenan

    Par is a human male that runs the [[Blueflame Orb]] tavern in [[Fallcrest]]. He is father to the adventurer [[Cass Breenan]].

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  • The Strong Right Hand

    Known as "Hand", this [[Warforged]] blacksmith recently took over Teldorthan's Arms in [[Fallcrest]] from the Dwarf Teldorthan Ironhews. The locals, as yet, have not fully accepted him as a newcomer, but the quality of work is slowly …

  • Sargeant Gerdrand

    The Sargeant is a tall, lanky man that guards the King's Gate in [[Fallcrest]]. He doesn't say much, answering questions with a grunt or a shake of the head.

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  • Nimena Sandercot

    Nimena runs Sandercot Provisioners, the largest general store in [[Fallcrest]].

    She puts on an air of rustic charm, but as soon as prices are discussed she reveals herself as a hardened businesswoman. It is also rumoured that she dabbles in …

  • Kelson

    Kelson is a male human that runs the Lucky Gnome taphouse in [[Fallcrest]] - it has the honour of being the cheapest and coarests of drinking establishments. Fistfights are frequent, and the area is best avoided by anyone wanting peace and quiet.

  • History of Fallcrest

    Local legend places the hero Vandar and his battle against the Dragon of the Nentir as happening over four centuries ago, but with the rise of the [[Nerath Empire]] human settlers began to move north and establish trading towns along the [[Nentir River …

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