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  • Cass Breenan

    played by randomling (main details of this character are held on the wiki page [[Cass]]

    Human Fighter who uses a Greataxe in combat.

    Her twin brother is missing and she seeks information on what might have become of him. 

  • Sabbat Fau

    played by Joe

    Human Warlock 1. 

    "Do not look at the finger,
    That points to the moon." Sabbat Fau wandered out of the far eastern lands having survived plague and famine that claimed tens of thousands of souls. …

  • Theron

    played by villainous_mog

    A human Wizard. 

    Theron is trained in [[Arcana]], and has access to that knowledge.

    See also "Theron and the Tooth Goblins":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/theshepherdsbushgame/adventure-log/ …

  • Cass

    played by randomling

    Human Fighter who uses the [[Winterhaven Axe]] in combat and wears [[Blackiron Armour]].

    Her twin brother is missing and she seeks information on what might have become of him.


  • Kalarel

    The alleged leader of the [[Death Cultists]].

    Also a suspected associate of [[Helvec]].

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  • Old Thom

    A drunken and unreliable old beggar in [[Linden Field]].

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  • Quinn Stasi

    The Silversmith of [[Linden Field]]. His two sons, [[Richard Stasi]] and [[Steven Stasi]] were kidnapped, and the party has agreed to rescue them. They are believed to be held somewhere in the area of the [[Shadowhaunt Mausoleum]].

    The children …

  • Richard Stasi

    The younger son of [[Quinn Stasi]] - kidnapped.

    08/07/08 - Richard has now been rescued, along with his older brother. They have also learned that they are scions of the [[Kaius Dynasty]].

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  • Steven Stasi

    The elder son of [[Quinn Stasi]].

    08/07/08 - Steven Stasi has now been rescued from his kidnap ordeal, and has also learnt his is a scion of the [[Kaius Dynasty]]. As such, eventually the [[Kaius Thunderhammer]] will fall to him to wield. The …

  • Human

    Ambitious, driven, pragmatic - a race of heroes, but also a race of villains. The most populous of the races. The [[Nerath Empire]] was founded by and ruled by humans, but it fell around 100 years ago, leaving the world day as points of light against …

  • Valthrun

    Also known as "The Prescient", Valthrun is an elderly human man who lives in [[Winterhaven]] and acts as the village's Sage and Scholar. He lives in [[Valthruns Tower]].

    Having given the party information on the [[Winterhaven Keep …

  • Faren Markelhay

    Lord Warden Faren Markelhay is a balding, middle-aged human male who is the head of the [[Markelhay Family]] and current leader of [[Fallcrest]]. He is a busy man and sees to local matters personally, so adventurers calling on him are likely to wait a …

  • Sargeant Thurmina

    Sargeant Thrumina is a female human working as a bridge guard in [[Fallcrest]]. She and five guards watch the Five-Arch bridge, charging 1cp (and 1sp per mount) for anyone crossing the bridge.

    It is known in the local area that the Sargeant is …

  • Allande Markelhay

    Allande is a female human, wife of the Lord Warden [[Faren Markelhay]] of [[Fallcrest]] and a member of the [[Markelhay Family]].

    She is ten years younger than her husband, and posessed of a keen mind. She has studied the arcane arts, and uses a …

  • Nimozaran The Green

    Nimozaran is a Wizard living in [[Fallcrest]]. He is a grumpy old man, convinced that the best years of magic have passed and still raging at his own inability to master the Art. He will try and dissuade any adventurers from joining the guild by …

  • Par Breenan

    Par is a human male that runs the [[Blueflame Orb]] tavern in [[Fallcrest]]. He is father to the adventurer [[Cass Breenan]].

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  • Sargeant Gerdrand

    The Sargeant is a tall, lanky man that guards the King's Gate in [[Fallcrest]]. He doesn't say much, answering questions with a grunt or a shake of the head.

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  • Nimena Sandercot

    Nimena runs Sandercot Provisioners, the largest general store in [[Fallcrest]].

    She puts on an air of rustic charm, but as soon as prices are discussed she reveals herself as a hardened businesswoman. It is also rumoured that she dabbles in …

  • Kelson

    Kelson is a male human that runs the Lucky Gnome taphouse in [[Fallcrest]] - it has the honour of being the cheapest and coarests of drinking establishments. Fistfights are frequent, and the area is best avoided by anyone wanting peace and quiet.

  • Paldemar

    Paldemar is one of the [[Mages of Saruun]], who, by rumour, operate out of the [[Seven Pillared Hall]] in [[Thunderspire Mountain]]. He is a human male, and favours the staff for his implement. It is rumoured that, years ago, he was able to gain an …

  • Marianna Markelhay

    Marianna Markelhay is the niece of [[Faren Markelhay]], Lord & Warden of [[Fallcrest]] in the [[Nentir Vale]]. Dark-haired, freckled and slim, you would not describe her as beautiful and yet there is something compelling about her. She has the gift of …

  • Cass Breenan

    Cass was born and brought up in Fallcrest, the daughter of the local barkeep and his wife, and twin sister to Jon. Jon, clever, quick and charming, is the younger of the two by a few minutes. While Cass's talents lie in her strength and determination, Jon …

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