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  • The Planes

    The known Planes of Existence are as follows:

    The World

    The [[Astral Sea]]

    The [[Elemental Chaos]]

    The [[Abyss]]

    The [[Shadowfell]]

    The [[Feywild]]

    The [[Far Realm]]

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  • Far Realm

    Scholars postulate the existence of this place, far beyond the bounds of all known existence. It is said to be a place where the laws of reality work differently.

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  • Astral Sea

    The Astral Sea floats above the world, an ocean of silvery liquid with the stars visible beneath the shallow sea. Sheets of shimmering starlight like gossamer veils part to reveal the dominions, the homes of the gods, like islands floating in the …

  • Elemental Chaos

    At the foundation of the world, the Elemental Chaos churns like an ever-changing tempest of clashing elements - fire and lightning, earth and water, whirlwinds and living thunder. Just as the gods originated in the [[Astral Sea]], the first inhabitants …

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