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  • OOOO Free Drinks!

    In exchange for large amounts of ale Aran recites his version of the adventures to the locals of Winterhaven

    [[Tale Two | Searching Ruins and Hunting Kobolds]]

  • Interlude - Story From Aran's Past

    "Oh my Head!" [[Aran]] muttered to himself as he woke up. Given the heavy thumping in his head that he recognised as the start of a monster hangover he took a deep breath before opening his eyes.

    His vision blurred but he could make …

  • Arans Tavern Tales

    A tavern is a refuge against the hardship of the outside world, a place to find sanctuary and protection, food and refreshments at the end of the day.

    But be it on a remote path, in a busy city or a humble dwelling in a small village they all …

  • Tale One

    "And that is how Percy became prime porker of the village" The grey haired farmer called Rupert said as he finished the story of how his pig had won much acclaim from the nearby farmers.

    "What about you, youngster?" He …

  • Tale Two

    Aran slumped on his chair and gazed looked at the flagons arrayed before him; then at the faces of the townsfolk surrounding him.

    "I guess you heard of my triumphant victory over the kobold hordes and want to hear about it in more detail?" …

  • Torturers Armour

    This armour was taken from the body of a Hobgoblin Torturer in the Goblin infested areas of the [[Winterhaven Keep]]. It is a suit of Hide Armour, somewhat bloodstained after years of use. It provides a +1 bonus to AC, and once/day the wearer can …

  • Tale Three


    “To Rangrim!” Aran lifted a flagon and drained it; he then set it on the table and reached for the next one.

    The people of Winterhaven gathered around him, and …

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