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  • Zombies! Thousands of Them!

    Returning to the outside of Sir Creegan's tomb, [[Elwanen]] suggested that a rest be taken in the safe environment of the shrine to [[Bahamut]]. A consensus was quickly agreed, and with a watch pattern established the time passed quickly. However, …

  • Blueflame Orb

    The Blueflame Orb is an Inn in [[Fallcrest]], and is the place that both [[Cass Breenan]] and her brother grew up, before his disappearance.

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  • Blackiron Armour

    This armour is a suit of Scale Armour, appearing to be blackened by a blast of fire. Whilst it appears damaged, it is in fact magical and holds significant magical protection for it's wearer. It was found under the [[Winterhaven Keep]] in a hidden room …

  • Cass Breenan

    Cass was born and brought up in Fallcrest, the daughter of the local barkeep and his wife, and twin sister to Jon. Jon, clever, quick and charming, is the younger of the two by a few minutes. While Cass's talents lie in her strength and determination, Jon …

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