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  • The Shadow Speaks

    The strange spectral figure coalesced out of the stone wall, forming again into a humanoid shape, it's outline obscured by it's robes that seemed to trail away into nothingness.

    Ignoring the fallen hobgoblins, it gestured at the bones …

  • A Rock And A Hard Place

    The party gathered around the circle in the statue room, joined now by [[Sabbat Fau]]. [[Elwanen]] went to guard the entrance against possible reinforcements.

    [[Sabbat Fau]] and [[Theron]] between them concluded that with the death of [[Helvec]], …

  • The Letter

    Possibly the most important item amongst the possessions found in [[Helvec]]'s chest was a short note on poor quality paper. It read:

    "Helvec, once you have finished with your task you must meet me at the Keep. You know the passcode. In …

  • The Dragon Tomb

    Aran is again taking point guard as the party come across the area of their search - the Dragon Tomb.

    It's somewhat of a disappointment - merely a large pit in the ground surrounded by rough rocks and some more trees. In the pit four human …

  • Kobold Treasure

    Searching the caves for loot, the group discover the following:

    The [[Chainmail of Fili Stonehelm]].
    The [[Broken Axe]].
    Money (as recorded by James).

    They also discover a letter:

    "My spy in Winterhaven suggests we …

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