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  • From Tiny Acorns, Part 2

    The rest of the group moved with speed born of desperation. Cass and Riam helped to brace Fangorn in place, slowly his advance towards the portal, whilst Aran leapt up and sliced through a couple of the tentacles. In response, yet more tendrils burst from …

  • From Tiny Acorns, Part 3

    “What do you mean, some sort of person?” gasped Theron, pushing forwards. Inside the ruined form of Fangorn there appeared to be some sort of cavity or space, occupied by a near-lifeless figure. The slight rise and fall of it’s chest was the only sign of …

  • From Tiny Acorns, Part 4

    Aran, always quick off the mark, got his reply in first. “My name is Aran Thule, Halfling, ranger, wanderer, adventurer and tale-teller! Let me introduce you to my friends!” As he named each person he gestured towards them enthusiastically. “That there …

  • Waylander

    Waylander is a [[Drow]] [[Rogue]] that has joined the group after being "hatched" from the remains of [[Fangorn]]. Back to [[PlayerCharacters]]

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