Nature Priest

I am indebted to Ari Marnel and Expeditious Retreat Press for being able to using these classes & races in my game. 

"The beasts of the wild come when I beckon. I can shape the earth with a gesture, bend the storm to my will. Why, then, should I fear you?"

Nature priests are the masters of the natural world. Where clerics call upon individual gods, and wizards study esoteric rites, nature priests commune with and command nature itself. Although many of their prayers aren't quite as dramatically flashy as a wizard's spells, they're equally potent, able to send torrents of fire or conjured minions raging across a battlefield. Nature has always called to you, fascinated you. You might be a priest of a nature god, a member of an ancient order practicing far from civilization, the shaman of a nomadic tribe, or the last in a line of forest guardians.

You might wield the powers of the primal world to battle unnatural evils, or you might seek to spill blood in the name of a carnage-hungry totem. Whatever the case, you're more at home beneath a canopy of leaves or a sky of stars than a roof of wood and stone.

Your sword is the lightning, your armor the wind, your standard-bearers the eagle and the wolf. With these weapons, and these allies, you can change the world.

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Nature Priest

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