Savage Warrior

I am indebted to Ari Marnel and Expeditious Retreat Press for being able to using these classes & races in my game. 

"Stand and fight if you like. Many, far stronger than you, have fallen beneath my axe!"

Savage warriors are the product of an upbringing where fighting was the only means of survival. (While most are from harsh wilderness areas, such as vast deserts, frigid tundras, or rolling plains, some grow up in the worst neighborhoods in cities where the street fights are as dangerous as the animal packs that hunt the wilds.) The savage warrior always stands on the front line, or even charges past it, determined to crush the foe before the foe can harm his allies. While they lack the heavy armor worn by other defenders, their class features allow them to absorb a great deal of damage, and at times dish out even more than they receive. Savage warriors may fight for their own glory, as a means of earning a living, or simply because they know nothing else. Although it's not a universal trait, many such warriors from barbarian tribes harbor an innate distrust of arcane magic. They work alongside wizards, troubadours, and warlocks only reluctantly, and trust such people only if and when they've  proved themselves over and over in the warrior's mind. A few savage warriors take this to such extremes that they won't even use magic items (except those that are clearly divine in nature), at least until mid- to high levels.

Will you prove a credit to your family and your culture, so very far from home? Or will you simply be remembered as another bandit who should have stayed in the wild?

Races: Human, Orc Blooded, Dwarf, Elf.

Role and Source: Martial Defender.

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Savage Warrior

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