I am indebted to Ari Marnel and Expeditious Retreat Press for being able to using these classes & races in my game. 

"Seeing is believing. I promise you, you will believe."

Spellbinders are masters of arcane deception, fooling their opponents into seeing what isn't there, believing what isn't real, all the while pummeling their minds and senses with psychic dissonance. Wizards may scoff at them as mere tricksters, but in their element, the spellbinder is easily as effective.

You have no interest in altering creation at your whim, or calling lightning from the heavens. You know that people believe what the see, hear, and feel-and that's what you control.

Note: This class uses a lot of the Wizard powers from the PHB – as such, it is not a full class of it's own, more a mix of old and new to provide a new look on the arcane controller.

Role and Source: Arcane Controller

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